Technical Tours

Technical Tours of the 2021 ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Doha, Qatar will take the delegates to visit three exciting contemporary urban developments in Qatar. Each participant will choose one of the below destinations. Technical Tours are different from the Site Visits for Workshop days.

1. Aspire Zone

Aspire Zone is a 250 ha sporting complex located in Al Rayyan Municipality within the Metropolitan Doha. Established in 2003, Aspire Zone pushed Doha to the forefront as an international sporting destination, with the construction of Aspire Academy, an educational centre the development of athletes and champions. The complex contains sporting venues built to host the 2006 Asian Games, and since then, these venues have served as valuable assets to the community, dedicated as gyms and halls for everyone to use. Aspire is home to the first-ever sports medicine hospital in the Middle East region – Aspetar. It earned accreditation as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in 2009. It is also the location for Khalifa International Stadium, which was newly refurbished and is ready to host games of FIFA World Cup as well as have a role of multi-purpose stadium for other events. Aspire is set to expand as it is included in the Al Rayyan South Metropolitan Centre by the Qatar National Masterplan, in addition to the expansions made for the FIFA World Cup, it will act as a major transit oriented development with new Mixed Use Zones.

2. Lusail City

Lusail is a planned city in Qatar located in the Al Daayen Municipality, 23km north of Doha. Lusail City is a sustainable and comprehensively designed city and acts as a symbol of Qatar's progress and development. It is the largest project undertaken by the State of Qatar and is the physical embodiment of the Qatar National Vision 2030 in the field of Real Estate Development. Lusail is a city of the future, with its light rail network, connection to the metro system, a water taxi transportation system, cycle and pedestrian network as 30% of the land area will be dedicated to green and open spaces to create a relaxed atmosphere, integrated with lively components of the city. It's a prime example of good urban planning and design at work in Qatar. The district is also the location for the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium, which is the biggest in Qatar, and purposely built for the FIFA World Cup. It embodies Qatar's ambition and its passion for sharing Arab culture with the world, being inspired by local lantern and art pieces.


3. Education City

Launched in 1997 by Qatar Foundation, this megaproject development in the Al Rayyan Municipality hosts various educational facilities, including satellite campuses of eight international universities. Over the past 20 years, Education City has grown into a multi-university campus with students from all over the world and is a critical player in the advancement of knowledge and research across all disciplines regionally and internationally. Education City is home to architectural masterpieces by Rem Koolhaas, including the Qatar National Library and QF Headquarters. It has been transformed into a fully-fledged community with a hotel, a 33-hole Golf Course, the Qatar National Library and Oxygen Park. Education City has been designated as the Al Rayyan North Metropolitan Center by the Qatar National Masterplan, which will further steer it to become a full-grown community as it develops further and blends with the surrounding neighbourhoods.