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Congress Team

University of Tours, France
School of Architecture, Noida International University
Professor, Head of the Department
Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
senior scientific associate
Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
expert in Urban planning
professeur agrégé
Université Laval
associate professor
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning
Professor In Town and Regional Planning
University Of Kwazulu-Natal
Architect & PHD in urban planning
Islamic azad university of Tehran
Assistant professor of geography and urban planning
Qatar University
Founder and Principal Consultant
Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning
Qatar University
Associate Professor
Qatar University
Senior Planner
Clackamas County
Associate Professor in Architecture
Qatar University
Senior Architect / Senior Regional and Urban Planner
Ministry of Municipality
Assistant Professor
University of Gdańsk
Associate Professor of Architetcure & Urban Design
Qatar University - Department of Architecture & Urban Planning
Ministry of Municipality