YPP Workshop 2021 Doha, Qatar: Call for coordinators and participants




Young Planning Professionals' Workshop

organised as part of the 57th ISOCARP WORLD PLANNING CONGRESS

DOHA, QATAR, 3-7 November 2021


The Young Planning Professionals' Programme is a crucial component of ISOCARP's dedication to promote and enhance the planning profession and commitment to facilitate knowledge for better cities with the young generations, the future leaders of our profession. It was initiated in 1991 at the 26th ISOCARP Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since then, it has become tradition to organise the workshops in the week preceding the annual world congress in order to provide unique opportunities to Young Planning Professionals (YPPs) to share their experiences in an attempt to resolve complex and multi-dimensional planning problems. The Programme has facilitated a unique creative spirit within the Society, and it has become a source of new ideas, innovation, and rejuvenation not only for the Society but also for our partners; and has made a huge impact on participants' professional lives, in the name of the universal vision of promoting and enhancing the planning profession. It has also contributed towards making life-long friendships beyond borders, languages, cultures and professional backgrounds. According to this tradition, the YPP workshop will be offered again this year during the 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, which will take place in Doha, Qatar. The workshop itself will take place between 3 and 7 November, and the final presentation will be scheduled during one of the congress plenary sessions. The workshop will be organised in partnership with the Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Environment.


Urban Coastal Development and Ecological Sustainability of Al-Khor Mangrove Forests

The agenda of the 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress is a call for unlocking planning for new times, better places, and stronger communities. Cities and nations worldwide have been grappling with appalling socio-economic inequalities, failing infrastructure, and the prospect of climate catastrophe for a long while. 2021 Young Planning Professionals' Workshop contributes to this agenda with a programme to enable innovative ideas and strategies to achieve more sustainable territories and implement urban green deals. 

Qatar is not isolated from the aspirations of the globe's young-aged professionals. The UPD have witnessed the promising protests, inspired by Greta Thunberg, and many others, to save our planet. Much have been said on the expansion of industrialization as a source of global warming. In Doha, a city that witnessed a fast pace of development, there is no doubt that urban development had negative imprints on its ecological sustainability, despite the tremendous efforts to plan with sound environmental assessment in place.

Qatar, notably a peninsula, considers its marine ecology as a major asset and strives to protect it. Historically, pearl harvesting – allowed by the low impacts of urbanization on coastal margins – brought immense wealth to its populace. The Qatari coastal margins are extremely wealthy in fauna and flora, of which many near-threatened, endangered and vulnerable species such as the Tiger-Sharks, Dugongs, and Loggerhead Turtles, to name a few. Unfortunately, The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP), a study carried by the Urban Planning Department, have shown that Qatar's myriad of mangroves, coral reefs, fauna and flora are endangered. 83,000 m2 of Mangrove forests are endangered in 5 locations in Qatar. Developments within the coastal zones are a major challenge: these locations are the most attractive to developers, but unfortunately, the most ecologically vulnerable as well. Dredging and land reclamation mostly affected the Avicennia Marina, a mangrove specie growing in many spots of Qatar, and greatly contributing to the sustainability of the marine biology of the Qatari coastal margins. Nowadays, it is recognized that the Qatari Avicennia Marina is endangered.

With this regard, YPP 2021 workshop focuses on the planning for the sustainability of Al-Khor Mangroves and the Ras_Al_Gurma Peninsula & Bay. The Parks and Open Space Plan 2032 ensures the comprehensive development of a wide variety of parks and open spaces in Al-Khor City.  In line with the goal to make Al-Khor City the green and blue (i.e. Turquoise) City, the Parks and Open Space Plan Year 2032 reserves adequate land for the following variety of future parks. Despite having extensive coastal areas, there are few public beaches in the City. An eastern coastal park development would revitalize the eastern coast by attracting visitors to the waterfront with its attractive facilities. The idyllic setting of the beaches enhance the attractiveness of a proposed seaside resort, and could feature separate public beaches for males and females, families, and tourists, mangrove parks, chalets, swimming pools, spa and wellness centers. Hotels, thematic water parks, and food and beverage facilities are also introduced.

Based on the Development Priority – Create a Vibrant Tourism Destination of the Development Phase 2 (Year 2013–2017), the development of the East Coast Park (estimated length of coast 4 km and width of the coastal park 200 m) includes the development of park facilities such as bicycle/ jogging track, public parking, public toilet and landscaping of the park. 2 ha and 3.5 ha sites are proposed for new waterfront hotel developments in the East Coast Park. Land preparation would include the construction of new roads, utilities, and soil preparation.

Al-Khor city, northern of Qatar, is endowed with a wealth of mangrove forests. Unfortunately, the aforementioned study (ICZMP) observed that mangroves are witnessing Seaward Migration. If this persists, mangrove forests will largely decline in area, and might become eventually extinct. The Urban Planning Department carried in 2007 a study to set developments frameworks for Al-Khor City. This lead to the issuance of Al-Khor City Master Plan 2032, endorsed in 2008, and currently being updated. 

In the Master Plan, the case study area was nominated as Waterfront Park and zoned for passive recreation. In Al-Khor, some dredging and land reclamation has taken place around the area, and a large number of planning applications for resorts and other uses were filed. None of these two parks had a chance for a Detailed Urban Design Plan.  The participants are expected to develop Urban Planning (Land use and Zoning) and Urban Design Plans and Guidelines with a flexibility to advise plans and regulations either for the surrounding, the park itself or a part of the designated area (within borders set by the UPD). The participants will have the choice to propose activities, design features, and guidelines; however, the proposal will be bound by the directives of the zoning plan and guidelines endorsed for Al-Khor. The participants shall observe planning for the following: Botanical gardens, arboretums and conservatories, cultural facilities, such as museums and observatories, outdoor recreational facilities, such as hiking and bicycle trails, greens and commons, sitting areas and picnic areas, and commercial facilities incidental to the operation of public recreational uses, such as refreshment stands, small concessionaire shops dispensing sporting goods, etc.

It is understood that the participants will be multidisciplinary, including architects, urban designers and landscape architects. The team will be required to offer conceptual designs for: An observation tower; a board walk; and a water-taxi facility (including a deck). A list of optional deliverables may include: Proposals for urban furniture; Proposals for public art; and proposals for environmentally-friendly material.

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ISOCARP is looking for two COORDINATORS for the 2021 YPP Doha workshop.

Coordinators have to be ISOCARP members.

Deadline for applications: 10 August 2021

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ISOCARP is looking for 10 YOUNG PLANNING PROFESSIONALS for the 2021 YPP Doha workshop.

Deadline for applications: (extended deadline) 31st August 2021

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If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the ISOCARP Secretariat, represented by Mario Corbi and Federico Aili: 

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Any questions regarding the topic, on-site logistics and travel arrangement should be sent to Director YPP, Zeynep Gunay: gunay@isocarp.org.


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